The pool is generally open between Memorial Day weekend through September.  Pool Calendar 2019

Guests:  The guest fee is $8.00 and must be charged to the member’s account. Cash transactions are no longer permitted poolside.

Pool Rules:  Swimmers swim entirely at their own risk.

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  • Registering: All members must register upon entering the gate.

  • Guests: A guest is any non-member in the pool area dressed in swim attire. The guest fee is $8.00, and must be charged to the member’s account. Cash transactions are not permitted poolside.

  • All guests must be accompanied by a member at all times. Please greet your guests at the gate and register them. Guests will not be admitted unless registered by a member. The same guest cannot come more than four times per season.

  • Employed babysitters are exempt from the guest fee.

  • If you are bringing more than 8 people, awesome! Let us know when you are coming.

Tell Your Guests About:

  • Parking: Pool parking is in the gravel lot. Children should be escorted to the pool. Please be respectful of the golfers. Walk quietly and keep your children safely on the path.

  • Flotation devices: Oversized toys, tubes and rings are simply not allowed. Swimmers that wear life jackets or water wings must stay where they can touch unless accompanied by an adult.

  • Babies and Toddlers: All non potty trained persons must wear The Swim Diaper over a disposable diaper. This is in accordance with the Health Department’s recommendation for a safe, healthy pool. Swim suit diapers are available at the pool for $15, or at Kid’s Northwest. We also keep a few loaners if you get in a jam .

Club Basics:

  • The lifeguard is not a babysitter. An adult or an employed babysitter must accompany all children under the age of 8. Exceptions will not be permitted so please do not ask. Babysitters must be at least 16 years old, and are not subject to guest fees.

  • Persons in swimwear are allowed only in the pool area.

  • It is imperative that swimmers STAY OFF THE GOLF COURSE!

  • Food must be consumed in designated area (at the tables near the snack shack).

  • With the exception of birthday cakes, food must be purchased at the Snack Shack. You may also arrange to order from the restaurant

  • upstairs. Please do not bring outside food into the pool area. This includes coolers and picnic baskets.

  • Picnicking on club grounds is not permitted.

  • No glass of any kind is allowed in the pool area.

  • We continually strive to maintain sanitary locker rooms. Please do not leave children under the age of five unattended in the locker rooms.

Hey Kids!  Parents, please read this to your children. If you are a kid, keep reading!.....

The lifeguard is your friend! The lifeguard is at the pool to protect you and keep you safe. So the pool has rules. At the pool, there is…

  • No running!

  • No hanging on the diving boards!

  • No jumping backwards or jumping and spinning. (No “twisties”).

  • No being mean! Be nice!!

  • No spitting, slugging, splashing, sassing or swearing! No smooching!

  • No whining! No wrestling! No shoulder rides or chicken fights!

  • No squirt guns, Nerf balls, Frisbees, or footballs! Fins and noodles are ok when it’s not too busy.

  • If you need to use the bathroom –get out of the pool and get to the bathroom! Don’t wait –even if you are having fun!

  • Listen to the lifeguards. They are there to keep you safe.

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